The Robbery (~4 Minutes if Read Aloud)

In the fall Chris, the farmer decided it was time to sell his apples.

Chris and his siblings sold most of the apples, and they made a lot of money, it was also good timing since they could now buy all the things they would need to get through the long winter. To be safe, Chris and his siblings decided not to spend all of their money right away. They wanted to keep some money in case they needed to buy something later during the winter.

The sibling didn’t know what to do with the money they didn’t spend. Chris decided to keep his money under his pillow, because he knew it was valuable and he didn’t want to leave it out where anyone could find it.

John who also had money to store decided to make a special box to keep his money in. The box he invented had a lock that would only open with a special key. John thought it would be wise to keep the key with him at all times.

Since he thought his box would keep his money safe, he called the box a “safe.” And because Clair was also worried that someone might steal her money, so she also kept her money in John’s safe.

One day while the three siblings were out, a thief who had seen how much money the siblings had made broke into their house. He looked all over the house and quickly found Chris’ money under his pillow and stuffed it into his pockets.

He also found John’s safe. Not being able to get it open, he decided to take it with him and open it later. Just as he was about to leave the siblings returned home.

The startled thief dropped the safe as he made his escape, but he did not drop Chris’s money.

The siblings were sad to find that Chris was robbed, but they were happy to see that John and Clair’s money had been spared.

Clair, upon seeing how the safe had slowed down the thief knew what to do to prevent future robbers.
“It is not safe to keep a lot of money in our home,” she said” “We could be robbed again — John’s safe protected our money, but just barely. We need a building to keep John’s safe, where it can not be moved”.

Clair had John build a new building, with a safe inside of it. They called the safe in the building a vault and made sure that only the siblings would be able to open it. Clair also gave some of their money to people to watch the building at all times, so it will not be robbed. She called the building a bank.

After the bank was built Chris, John and Clair kept their money there to keep it safe. And they were never robbed again.