The Three Siblings (~5 Minutes If Read Aloud)

A long time ago in a town very much like yours, there were three siblings Chris, John and Clair.
Chris was the oldest, then John, then Clair.

The siblings were very different. Chris could grow just about anything. His apples were said to be the sweetest ever grown.

John was an inventor. He could make almost anything with the parts and pieces of broken machines he would find around town.

Clair wasn’t the best at growing, or making things, but she was smart. If there was a problem, she could always solve it.

One day Chris decided he wanted more people to enjoy his apples, so he decided he should grow more. He knew to grow more apples he would have to work harder.

The problem was, Chris was already a very hard worker, and he knew he could not do any more work to grow more apples. Hearing his problem, his little brother John offered to build him a machine to plant more seeds, water the fields and harvest his apples faster than any one person could.

John was excited to help his brother and started right away. He went around town collecting scraps of this, and parts of that to make his new machine.

After a week of building John was almost done, but there was a problem. John needed a part to finish the machine that he could not find. So John went to the town’s blacksmith to have the part made.

The blacksmith was a strong and able friend. He liked John, but he said that he could not give away the time or the iron to make the part. He asked John if he had something he could trade for the part.

John said he had made machines that the blacksmith could use in his shop. But the blacksmith said he was happy with his shop just the way it was. John offered to trade some of his brother’s apples. But to this, the blacksmith said he still had apples from the last harvest and needed no more.

It was at this time that John’s little sister, Clair, happened to be walking by. “What seems to be the problem?” Clair asked. After hearing John’s dilemma, Clair quickly came up with a solution.

“You need money” Clair explained. He had always eaten the food his bother grew and lived in the house his parents built. For anything else, he might have needed he had always traded his inventions.

Clair explained that money is a way to trade for the things you want and need. John can trade his brother’s apples for money. Then he can trade that money for something he needed like the smith’s work and iron. The smith could then take the money he got from John and trade it for something he may need later, like more iron for his shop.

“Trading something for money is called selling, and trading money for something is called buying” Clair explained.

John being a smart fellow immediately saw the benefits of trading stuff for money. Not everyone wants apples, but if he had had money, he could trade in the money, to buy the things he did need.

So Chris, John and Clair, took Chris’ apples to the market. Not everyone at the market wanted apples, but a few people did, and those who did were willing to buy the apples for money.

With the money they made from selling the apples, John was able to buy what he needed from the blacksmith to finish his machine, just in time for the spring.

With his new machine, Chris was able to grow three times as many apples as before. And Chris, John and Clair were happy.