Stories For Kids

I revere teachers. If you have ever tried to teach a child something you will know that it is not easy. It takes heaps of patience and also the message needs to be hammered home in different ways constantly before it sticks. In my opinion, the lecture is the least effective the younger the child.

I believe children learn best through play and stories. Because of this I have introduced an allowance to my oldest and plan to do the same with my youngest. It is through the act of using his own money to save and spend and hopefully to eventually invest that I hope to get them comfortable responsibly using money.

But as I said children learn best when they are taught using different methods. I am always talking to my kids about money, and what I’ve done with money, how we as a family use money and what money does. But I feel like those stories can only go so far. To fill the gap between my stories and what I think my children need to know, I’ve started writing fictional stories that are meant to introduce the concept of personal finance to them.

They are not yet polished, and I plan to revise them regularly to improve them, but they can still be used as a jumping off point to start or conversations with your little ones.

Please don’t be shy; I love feedback so please let me know what you think. I hope these stories help you and your little ones.