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Business with Beers – Ep. 127 – Clifton is the author of multiple books that focus on teaching financial literacy to children, young adults & parents. His latest book is a revised version of the Richest Man In Babylon.  

In this episode, we discuss how important it is to fully understand managing your finances at a very young age, and learn about financial literacy, wealth, income, and all good stuff.

Healthy Love & Money – Ed is joined by Clifton Corbin. A “financial literacy advocate,” who provides resources for parents who are looking to get their kids “ready to manage in a world where the use of money is constant.” Clifton opens up about his own journey to financial literacy, including the money-related challenges he had to overcome as a husband and father.

Don’t Retire, Graduate – S5-Ep 9 -In this episode we’ll talk about: What it means to be retired; Clifton’s childhood as a money nerd; giving a child an allowance vs. teaching a child to budget; making money lessons relevant and age appropriate for children; and changing the mindset about financial independence.

The Money Exchange – Ep 113 – How To Teach Kids About Personal Finances –  Clifton D. Corbin strongly believes personal finance is an essential life skill that everyone should learn, including children and he shared how every parent can get to communicate with their children about finances regardless of what stage they are at in their financial journey.

The Struggle Is RealMy friend Clifton Corbin is going to share some advice as he’s gone through this journey himself. After making a mess of his finances in his early 20s by racking up debt and destroying his credit. Luckily, he turned things around.

If you’re looking for what you should do and what shouldn’t in your own journey, this is a great place to start. 

Talking from ExperienceIn this episode, I’ll be talking with Clifton Corbin about the importance of financial literacy and I’ll even get a little personal and share some of my history and experiences with money and finance management. Clifton will talk about his motivation for writing his latest book and why he feels compelled to empower others through financial literacy.

Retire Ready, Inc. – Ep 22 – In this week’s episode, guest presenter Clifton Corbin not only shares the why we need to talk to our kids about money, but when and how we should do it as well.

The Notes Closer Show Podcast – Ep 711 – Scott Carson talks with author and money mentor, Clifton Corbin, about his book Your Kids, Their Money! Clifton shares his journey from leaving the corporate world to being a stay-at-home dad and money educator. Clifton shares some of his lessons for success and his family’s journey to where they are today and how other families can do the same thing.

Just One Question – How Can I Teach My Kids About Money?  In this conversation with Clifton D. Corbin, we discuss when we should start talking about money, different ways to teach money habits, and some tools and tips to help them practice good money skills. 

Unpacking the Box Podcast – Kids Money Matters – In this episode, I’m chatting with Financial Literacy & Pay Equity Advocate Clifton Corbin. He talked about what led him into a journey of helping parents in regards to their kid’s money, his book Your Kids, Their Money, and so much more! Thank you for tuning in!

About That Wallet – S3E12 – Anthony Weaver: I would like to believe parents are responsible for providing education to their children. In this episode, guest Clifton Corbin discusses reasons why some African American parents don’t discuss finances in the household?
Also available on YouTube.

MoneyDad Podcast Ep. 28 Clifton talks about his journey including important money lessons that he learned from his parents, but also talks about the struggles he had running up credit card debt and going through a debt spiral in university.  We talk about how his journey inspired him to write his own book “Your Kids, Their Money” to help parents teach their kids about money and avoid the pitfalls he went through.  If you are a parent of little children, we discuss strategies you can use to teach in a fun and enjoyable way.  We discuss the importance of giving our kids the opportunity to practice good money habits. One of the ways they can practice is through the use of an allowance, and Clifton talks about the do’s and don’ts of this approach, if you decide you want to go this route.  And we discuss the most important thing that we must remember to do, in combination with the practice we give our kids. 

Teri Slater– After meeting Author Clifton Corbin at FinCon ’22 in Orlando, I was so excited to have him on for an interview. He wrote “Your Kids, Their Money: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Literate Children”. We sat down to discuss teaching your kids about money, debt, saving, investing AND money mindset! Being intentional, practicing gratitude, and have many conversations are keys to teaching personal finance to kids.

Embrace Simplified – Ep. 63 – Clifton was introduced to me online through a mutual friend and I was excited to bring him on the podcast as MONEY + PARENTING are two topics I want to dig into more this year. Clifton is the perfect teacher of helping us raise more financially literate kids – he just released his first book, he is also a father and he had a difficult time financially that he knows he can help other people avoid. In this episode, he candidly shares his tips for parents and how owning our money stories can help us move forward with new habits.

$hmoney Radio – Ep 59 – In this episode, Clifton and host Anastasia discuss why he despises piggy banks (and why you should demolish yours), how to teach financial lessons to your kids time-efficiently, and the importance of storytelling when it comes to teaching personal finance.

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Clifton D. Corbin, RFC®, MBA, was a business consultant with over two decades of experience when he left the office to become a full-time stay-at-home dad. During this time, he authored his first book, Your Kids, Their Money, which focuses on providing parents with the skills and tools to teach financial literacy to their children.

Clifton graduated from Niagara University with a master’s degree in business administration. He has spent years studying finance and is a passionate advocate for advancing the financial literacy of children and young adults.  When not reading or listening to podcasts about finance or economics, he can be found fixing-up his 100+-year-old Toronto home, playing basketball with his kids, chairing a PTA meeting or DJing in his basement.  


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