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$hmoney Radio – Ep 59 – In this episode, Clifton and host Anastasia discuss why he despises piggy banks (and why you should demolish yours), how to teach financial lessons to your kids time-efficiently, and the importance of storytelling when it comes to teaching personal finance.

Embrace Simplified – Ep. 63 – Clifton was introduced to me online through a mutual friend and I was excited to bring him on the podcast as MONEY + PARENTING are two topics I want to dig into more this year. Clifton is the perfect teacher of helping us raise more financially literate kids – he just released his first book, he is also a father and he had a difficult time financially that he knows he can help other people avoid. In this episode, he candidly shares his tips for parents and how owning our money stories can help us move forward with new habits.

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Clifton D. Corbin, MBA, PMP, was a business consultant with over two decades of experience when he left the office to become a full-time stay-at-home dad. During this time, he  authored his first book, Your Kids, Their Money, focused on providing parents with the skills and tools to teach financial literacy to their children.

Clifton graduated from Niagara University with a master’s degree in business administration. He has spent years studying finance and is a passionate advocate for advancing the financial literacy of children and young adults.  When not reading or listening to podcasts about finance or economics, he can be found fixing-up his 100+-year-old Toronto home, playing basketball with his kids, chairing a PTA meeting or DJing in his basement.  


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