Free Printable Financial Literacy Worksheets

Worksheets are a great way to help your child understand financial concepts. Download these free printable financial literacy for kids worksheets today. The worksheets are best for children in grades 1, 2 and 3.

For free Canadian currency worksheets, please go here

Kids money workbook cover

Recognizing Coins

Counting Dimes worksheet
Counting Dimes
Counting Nickels worksheet
Counting Nickels
Counting Quarters worksheet
Counting Quarters
Name That Coin worksheet
Name That Coin

Puzzles and Games

Adding Crossword worksheet
Adding Money Crossword
Subtracting Crossword worksheet
Subtracting Money Crossword
Kids money workbook cover
Mixed Operations Crossword worksheet
Mixed Operation Crossword

Counting Coins and Bills

Counting Coins worksheet
Counting Coins
Counting Bills and Coins worksheet
Counting Bills and Coins
Equivalents worksheet
Do You Have Enough worksheet
Do You Have Enough?
Kids money workbook cover
Counting and Adding Coins worksheet
Counting and Adding Coins
Making Change Part 1 worksheet
Making Change (Part 1)
Making Change Part 2 worksheet
Making Change (Part 2)
Who Has More Part 1
Who Has More (Part 1)
Who Has More Part 2 worksheet
Who Has More (Part 2)
Who Has More Part 3 worksheet
Who Has More (Part 3)
Who Has More Part 4 worksheet
Who Has More (Part 4)


Financial Literacy For Kids Worksheets - Needs Vs Wants
Needs vs Wants
Financial Literacy For Kids Worksheets - Budgeting
Budgeting for a Vacation (middle school level)

I hope you enjoyed the financial literacy for kids worksheets.  Please send me pictures of your kids doing the worksheets and email me if you have any questions about the worksheets.

Kids money workbook cover