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Financial Literacy Books for Preschoolers and Up

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Times have changed. The books our parents read as kids may not resonate with your kids the same way. So for generation alpha, you will need to up your game with more modern kid money books.   Below is a list that focuses on money for kids born after 2010.

Why You Need to Read Modern Books 


I applaud the early attempts at kids’ books that tried to teach good money management habits, but while some did a great job, many missed the mark. Take the Berenstain bears book  The Trouble with Money which is still a best-seller, and I think it is awful. This review says it best “the messaging is confusing .” The last thing we want to do for our kids is add more confusion about money.  

As we know, culture has changed. Our understanding of how we treat one another and how we honor our differences has come a long way. Unfortunately, some of our bookshelves have not kept up with where we are. We see it all the time. We pick up a book we remember from childhood only to find some messaging that isn’t quite right for the 21st century. Thankfully, the newer books available to our kids have removed and updated the langue and the messaging. Gone are the days of body shaming, toxic masculinity, or gender norms. As a stay-at-home dad, this is very important to my family and me. 

I accidentally introduced some outdated concepts to my son recently when I tried to read the Richest Man in Babylon, one of my all-time favorite books. While I knew the book was not written for children, I knew it was PG with great personal finance lessons. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it past the first few pages when I realized this book was written for a different time. The book still has great potential, and parents could read my revised version to a child, but the original version, like so many of the books we remember, may need to be left in the past.

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Why Should You Read Books about Money to Your Kids?


We have a short window of time to teach our kids good money habits before they are off on their own. Books are a great way to educate while we entertain.

Picture books are especially appealing to young children. That is even more true when our children see themselves in images and stories. Great books pull children and get stuck in their heads. So what better way to teach a fundamental life skill than in an activity that your kids are excited to be a part of?

The habits and skills of good money management have not changed in centuries. Spend less than you make, have your money work for you, and protect the wealth you build. But what has changed is us and our views. The list of kids’ money books below are for the modern parent. I’m sure you will love all of them.

Books about Money for the Alpha Generation: Preschool and Up 


So here is a list of money books written for kids in the last few years that can speak to the alpha generation (kids born between 2010-2024) in a way that is both informative and appropriately modern.

Early Reader (6-10 Years)

17. Money Plan by Monica Eaton

23. Stock Explore by Nicolette DiMaggio

30. Shark Scam by Sheila Bair

Financial Literacy Books for Preschoolers and Up: Final Thoughts

Giving your child the gift of financial literacy will pay off in the long run. But take advantage of their natural curiosity and their love of literacy to help them develop their financial literacy skills.

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