The Richest Man in Babylon

The Best Story About Wealth Creation Ever Written

George S. Clason’s classic is the best story on wealth ever written. The Richest Man in Babylon tells the tale of a lowly scribe’s rise to become one of the ancient world’s most wealthy and respected men. In this cleverly written narrative, you will learn: 

  • The Seven Cures For a Lean Purse or, as some say, how to generate and maintain wealth
  • The Five Laws of Gold or what we may call investing and protecting our wealth and
  • Why you must “pay yourself first,” “live within your means,” and “invest in what you know.”

But most importantly, see how parables written about Ancient Babylon are even more related to you and your finances today!

Praise for The Richest Man in Babylon


This is probably my favorite book on personal finance. It teaches the wisdom and discipline on how to make money, and to hold onto your money, save your hard earned money and consider profitable investments with wisdom. The principles contained within as old as time but they work and provided you actually READ and APPLY the knowledge in this book; you’ll build wealth. It’s also a very enjoyable read.



Looking back on the last 50 years of my life, one of best things that ever happened to me was my wife’s uncle telling me to buy and read this book. That was a year before I shipped out for Vietnam.

A few years after I returned, I remembered his words when we found out he had passed and I bought the book. We had two kids, paycheck to paycheck, and no savings. I read the book and it hit home; hard. Slowly, week-by-week, we started to build savings. Now, we have a good retirement, well off and secure. This book started it off.

Easy to read and understand, timeless message. This book should be required reading for all school kids. It doesn’t espouse greed like Think and Grow Rich. It simply teaches that you already have the ability to grow your prosperity from what you already have.

READ THIS BOOK and change your life forever.



I’ve read this book many times and I try to read it every year so as to refresh my memory and ensure my path. When I first read this, it was an amazing epiphany and I immediately took action. I was broke, about to lose my house, and looking for a way out of the hole I’d dug myself into. The rules within this book works well! I live in Hawaii now, in a nice suburban house, without worry of money. I am always surprised when I’m handed my next paycheck because I no longer count the days to each. Many thanks to the writer, the translator, the archeologist, and of course, the Babylonians!



Do yourself a favor and buy this dang book. The lesson(s) in it are priceless and I would have gladly paid more for the insightful words within it. This book has catapulted me into reading many more books on the subject of Finance and I wish I would have done it much, much sooner.

It’s a short read and the entire thing is basically written in old-school proper english where at some times it feels like you’re reading backwards – but it is worth it. You may have to re-read a couple sentences to comprehend the info or maybe even re-read the whole book but I urge you to do so.

It does not matter your situation in life, you CAN live within your means, save money AND pay off debt. Nothing worth having is easy so read the book, make a plan and change your financial future.