Here is my Reading List

It’s funny how we can change as we age. When I was younger, I was an avid anti-reader. It stemmed from my troubles with spelling. I am still an atrocious speller, so much so, that before using spell check on this sentence I spelled (”atrocious,” “spelled,” and “sentence” wrong). But what is sad about that is that I have always loved a good story. I’ve always loved movies. I was privileged enough to have a mother who introduced to live performances, both plays and musicals which I still very much enjoy; yet that love of the story never translated into a love of reading. It’s not that I didn’t try, I remember enjoying the “choose your own” adventure series, but after reading a few of those, I lost interest and didn’t pick up a book, other than to get through my day, for years.

That all changed when I was introduced to audiobooks. Instead of plodding along at my slow reading pace, I could now have someone read to me? I was hooked. On the commute to work, I could hear about someone’s Rich Dad and Poor Dad. I could listen to what habits I would need to be Highly Successful. And it wasn’t just the finance books that pique my interest I got deep into biographies. Who was Che and why was he on everyone’s shirt? Yah generally understand the concept of E=mc2, but what kind of mind can think up such things. And is it possible to come up with a Brief History of Nearly Everything?

Audiobooks change my life. Last year while I was renovating my basement and my, hands were filled with hammers, saws, and drills, my ears were filled with … I listened to about 70 audiobooks last year alone. And was is interesting the more I listen to books, the more I read. Actual paper flipping between my fingers reading. I went through an additional 20 some paper books last year as well.

So while I read for personal gain, the love of a good story, and for deeper insights into some topic or subject, I feel like not sharing what I’ve read is a bit selfish, and very counter to my nature. I don’t often read books twice, and while I do keep books as reference, if I find a book super helpful, I try to think of who in my life could benefit most from it, and then I give it away. In a similar vein, I want to share what I read with you.

Full disclosure, if I list a book here, the link will be an affiliate link. That means, if you decide to buy the book via the link, I will get a commission from the sale. While my purpose with this site is to share information, I also don’t see a problem getting a cut of a books sale that I recommend.

But before you go out and buy a book, because I have a link here, you should also know that I rarely buy books. When I do buy books, I tried to get them used since they are cheaper and I will likely not keep it anyways. So before you go out and spend money on a new book, check your local library first. My library, the Toronto public library, is fantastic, and I use it regularly. I don’t think people around me realize how great it is. The library will transport any book at any of the 100 branches to your local branch for free, and it is quick. And best of all, you can also borrow audiobooks!!

Lastly, please let me know what you are reading!! I love book recommendations. Email me or leave a comment.

Here is my Reading List

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