Before we get to me,
lets take a second to talk about you...

You Are An Amazing Parent

Yes, you are, don't deny it.

You don’t think I know you well enough to make that call? Well, if you weren’t a dedicated parent, you wouldn’t be here. Instead of binging on Netflix, you are seeking out how to make yourself an even better parent by setting your child on a path to financial success – I told you, you are amazing.

You want to make sure your child has everything they need to succeed in life. You don’t comprise when it comes to your children, and you shouldn’t.

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Some good news.

Building financial fundamentals in your children at an early age will pay off big time as they grow up.

But you can feel it can’t you. That ticking clock? Their clothes never seem to fit. They are doing things today that last year you thought were impossible. They are getting older, and you know your window for teaching them is narrowing. 

  • Now is the time to prepare them for what lies ahead. 
  • Now is the time to plant those seeds of knowledge.
  • Now is the time to give them the skills they will need when they are on their own.

But you do not have time to scour the Internet looking for all the things to teach your kids to be financially fit. You have too much on your plate as it is.

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That is why I'm here.

I’ve done the research, I’ve written the articles, heck I even wrote a whole book on this stuff, just for you!

Now, if you are anxious at all about talking about money with your kids, I understand. It is normal. Maybe you grew up in a family that didn’t talk about money growing up. Maybe you had financial trouble in your past, and you are still working through some of those feelings. Or maybe you simply feel like you don’t know enough about money management to teach your kids.

Don't worry. I've got you!

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But I'll be honest with you.

While I may have started as a super money geek, things took a turn for me when I went off to school. I dove deep into debt, and it took me years to pull myself out.  The silver lining of that part of my life is a better understanding of how the financial system works. I learned how money or the lack of money could make you feel, and when you should and shouldn’t use debt, and why investing is critical to building wealth, to name a few.

That part of my life also helped me realize that when our kids are young is the best time to teach them to be financially literate, not when they have a student loan and credit cards.  That is why these resources and tools are here for you! So your kids hopefully won’t make the same mistakes I made.

My name is Clifton D. Corbin. I’m a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®), and I’ve combined my MBA, my experience managing million-dollar budgets, and my understanding of economics and personal finance into building this community for you and your children.


I am always interested in hearing from you. Let me know what piece of financial literacy you taught your kids today. Drop me a line or connect with me.